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AWG Smash Ultimate Crew

General Info

  • A Smash Ultimate Crew that started in 2021

  • Is organized by Arcway Gaming and is competing in the Smash Crew Server (SCS)

Current Record: 6-7

Perks for Joining:

  1. You receive a custom Arcway Gaming Smash Crew Banner created by Darkninjalordz

  2. The opportunity to be coached directly for improvement and have a positive environment when trying to build your skill

  3. An in-house ranked system where crew members compete to earn the most points in an AWG Split. The winner receives a custom AWG Crew Split T-Shirt

If you are interested in trying out for our crew you will need to join our discord server and then contact Cpt. Jiggly to set up a time for your tryout! Please make sure to read all of the #crew-tryouts-info tab in the discord channel prior to you asking for a tryout.


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Current AWG Smash Ultimate Crew Roster

aWildChocobro Smash Crew Banner.png
Flarp Smash Crew Banner.png
Polarchan Smash Crew Banner.png
DeadJoe Smash Crew Banner.png
Ikrela Smash Crew Banner.png
Kxermit Smash Crew Banner.png
Nostalgic Smash Crew Banner.png
Trash Smash Crew Banner.png

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