Indie Game Spotlight: Warborn

Raredrop Games, an indie game studio based in Bristol, UK, is releasing WARBORN on June 12th for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam!

If you like turn-based tactics, giant mecha, map editors, and cross-platform multiplayer this might be a title for you! Plus right now if you preorder it on the E-Shop you get to save 20% off the price. Its regular price is $24.99 and the sale brings it down to $19.99 (this is as of 5/31/2020)!

From the looks of the game's trailers, it resembles classic titles like Advanced Wars and another modern indie title Wargroove. However, this title focuses on futuristic mecha as the main units along with anime-styled commanders that affect the strategies you will use during the gameplay.

Very much like other turn-based tactic games, your units will vary on the loadouts they are carrying. From focusing on buffs/debuffs to different weapon types, it is up to you to utilize the equipment and skills to their full ability.

Diving deeper into Raredrop Games, it was launched by Josh Regan the mastermind behind the game's design and now the sole person behind Raredrop Games. This is not the only game he has worked on. He has done Classy Quest and To The Throne, both of which were released on iOS. This means Warborn will be the first title under Raredrop Games to be released on PC and consoles and has been in development near the end of 2016.

So after 4-years of work and development will Warborn be worth it to the fans of turn-based tactic games? It definitely has promise and the combat looks interesting enough to keep the players engaged. Along with map editors and cross-play, Warborn has potentially built itself up to be a success. Only June 12th will hold the answer if Warborn is worth the purchase.

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