New Release Date for Valorant

The summer news just keeps on rolling and on today's Summer Game Fest video with Geoff Keighley he held an interview with executive producer Anna Donlon, and game director Joe Ziegler from Valorant.

What was a complete surprise is that Valorant's release date has moved up to June 2nd as a full release! Not only that but, more content will be coming. We will be seeing a new agent, map, skins, potential battle pass, and a game mode (that is not team deathmatch). This new game mode is designed to be played in between the main game mode, it will be focused to have a faster pace to it. Behind the scenes they have been working on getting better server support for the level of players expected as well. All of this is great news for the Valorant team and we can't wait to see what comes next for the game.


Nicholas Warchocki

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