Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 2-Week 2

6 teams went 2-0 in stage 2's opening week. It will be interesting to see who can stay hot this week. The hero changes and introduction of Baptists cerainly had an effect on the Meta, but 3-3 seems to currently still be the go to comp for most teams.

20. Los Angeles Valiant

Last Week: 20 (-) Record: 0-8 Stage: 0-1

As expected L.A. was absolutely dominated by the S.F. Shock. It's getting ugly for the Valiant.

19. Florida Mayhem

Last Week: 19 (-) Record: 1-8 Stage: 0-2

New look Mayhem leads to the same results. Only time will tell if the decision to move forward with an all Korean roster was a good one. For now Florida will continue to struggle until the new teammates get acquainted.

18. Washington Justice

Last Week: 18 (-) Record: 1-8 Stage: 0-2

Washington looked better this past weekend than they have all season. Unfortunately they came away with an 0-2 record to kick off their stage 2. That aside things are looking up, Ark was a huge pickup for them and he will make a difference moving forward.

17. Guangzhou Charge

Last Week: 12(-5) Record: 3-6 Stage: 0-2

The Charge have now dropped 4 straight and what once seemed like a promising season is on the verge of spiraling out of control. With a 2nd match with San Francisco and a match with the Gladiators on tap for week 2, it may get worse before it gets any better. They'll need to come up big this week to stay relevant in stage 2.

16. Houston Outlaws

Last Week: 16 (-) Record: 3-4 Stage: 0-0

Houston got an extra week off heading in to stage 2. They'll kick off their stage 2 schedule with a daunting match-up against Vancouver on Saturday.

15. Hangzhou Spark

Last Week: 15 (-) Record: 3-5 Stage: 0-1

The Spark continue to slide. Granted this week they faced the best team in the league in the Vancouver Titans, but they have now lost 5 of their last 6 games. After going down 2-0 the spark rallied on the 3rd map (King's Row) with an impressive push against the Titans, leaving just shy of 4 minutes left in the time bank for round 2. Of course the Titans followed it up with a record setting push of their own and went on to win the map in the next round with ease. The Spark have looked very good at times and have earner the respect of the league. At 3-5 they are still in a position to turn things around. That turnaround has to start now, before it's to late.

14. Shanghai Dragons

Last Week: 13(-1) Record: 3-6 Stage: 0-2

The Dragons may not be the dumpster fire they were last year, but they are a team who is still struggling to win games. They had a tough 2 match-ups to start stage 2 (NYXL & L.A.G.) and things don't get any easier this week against a surging Chengdu Hunters team.

13. Paris Eternal

Last Week: 17(+4)Record: 4-5 Stage: 1-1

It has been a bumpy road for Paris so far, but after splitting 1-1 to open stage 2 they are still sitting in a spot where they could make a real move up the standings. With 2 very winnable games coming up in week 2 we could see that push begin this week.

12. Atlanta Reign

Last Week: 8 (-4) Record: 4-5 Stage: 0-2

So we knew loosing Dafran was going to be a big hit for ATL to take. At first it looked as though they would be just fine without him after going up 2-0 on a tough Boston Uprising team. That was until they let Boston get the reverse sweep on them and then dropped a 0-4 loss to London in their 2nd match. Week 2 is a chance for them to get on the right page. They have games against the last place Valiant and a Washington Justice team that has struggled all year. If they look as bad in week 2 as they did in week 1 they will be in a heap of trouble.

11. Chengdu Hunters

Last Week: 14(+3)Record: 5-4 Stage: 2-0

Last week I said Chengdu would benefit the most from a change in Meta, and after an impressive 2-0 start to stage 2 that thought looks to be true. They are an unpredictable team that even in stage 1 with the 3-3 dominant meta has not been afraid to go their own way. They live and die by their unusual comps and at the very least it makes them perhaps the most exciting team to watch in the league right now. Their main tank Ameng and his impressive Wrecking Ball play is what really makes them go. His ability to disrupt and cause chaos among their opponents is what allows their multiple dps comps to thrive. They have a relatively weak stage 2 schedule. With that and the change in meta, stage 2 will be their chance to make a push to the top.

10. Dallas Fuel

Last Week: 11(+1)Record: 4-3 Stage: 0-0

Dallas had week 1 of for stage 2 off. Even so they gain a spot as Atlanta drops out of the top 10. In week 2 they'll get a chance to prove they are a top 10 team against Paris and Toronto.

9. London Spitfire

Last Week: 9 (-) Record: 5-4 Stage: 2-0

London had a very disappointing Stage 1, but they've come out swinging in staging 2. They inserted all 3 of their DPS players into the starting lineup. The strategy worked well giving them some versatility. All 3 players performed well even in the Goats comps with Profit on the Zarya, Birdring on the Brigitte and Guard running Sombra or D.va. If they continue in their success with this lineup London may just propel themselves back in to the conversation of true title contenders. They have a really good chance to prove themselves Saturday with another finals rematch against the Fusion. Philly got the better of them in the 2019 season opener and the Spitfire will definitely be looking for revenge. It is a match you'll want to check out.

8. Seoul Dynasty

Last Week: 5 (-3) Record: 4-4 Stage: 0-1

The Seoul roller coaster continues. After defeating NYXL in the stage 1 playoffs we were sure to see the Dynasty become the juggernaut we've always known they could be, right? Well not quite. They did play a very close game with a tough L.A. Gladiators team, and if they had managed to pull off a victory we would be looking at them as a potential top 4 team right now. They are still finding ways to loose at inopportune times. They are better than their 4-4 record indicates and they are a good bet to be right in the thick of things by the time the season playoffs roll around, but weather they will ever become the team they have the potential to be remains o be seen.

7. Los Angeles Gladiators

Last Week:10(+3) Record: 5-4 Stage: 2-0

The Gladiators have now rattled off 4 impressive wins in a row. They have been one of the more impressive teams to watch as of late and they seem to be hitting their stride. They get a chance to keep rolling this week against a sliding Guangzhou Charge squad.

6. Toronto Defiant

Last Week: 6 (-) Record: 6-3 Stage: 1-1

Toronto continues to compete at a high level. They have 2 big games this week against the Fusion and the Fuel. We'll see if they can continue to prove their doubters wrong. At the very least this week will have a big impact on whether they can make a 2nd stage playoffs.

5. Philadelphia Fusion

Last Week: 4 (-1) Record: 6-3 Stage: 1-1

Philly ran into a buzz-saw on Thursday against the NYXL. New York was clearly ready to show everyone they are still one of the top dogs in the league after their ugly exit from the stage 1 playoffs. Unfortunately for Philly they were just one of the teams that stood in the way. The Fusion bounced back with a solid win over Florida. They will have 2 tough tests this week against London and Toronto. They both should be close exciting match-ups, you'll definitely want to check them out.

4. Boston Uprising

Last Week: 7 (+3) Record: 6-3 Stage: 2-0

Boston looked to be in trouble against Atlanta before they rallied to win 3 map's straight and pull off the reverse sweep on Thursday. Then against Toronto on Saturday they found themselves down 2-0 again. Of course the Uprising would rise up to the challenge and complete a 2nd reverse sweep to start off the stage 2-0.

3. San Francisco Shock

Last Week: 3 (-) Record: 6-3 Stage: 2-0

San Fran was on top of their game this week winning 4-0 over 2 teams. They are a force to be reckoned with and in the stage 1 playoffs they proved they are one of the leagues best teams.

2. New York Excelsior

Last Week: 2 (-) Record: 9-0 Stage: 2-0

New York was knocked out of the stage 1 playoffs in an embarrassing fashion. So we should have expected them to come out strong to start stage 2. They didn't just come out strong, they came out with a vengeance. After a dominant 4-0 win against Philly, NY won handily against the Shanghai Dragons. It was the best they have looked all year. They will will look to continue their reign of terror this week against Washington and Florida.

1. Vancouver Titans

Last Week: 1 (-) Record: 8-0 Stage: 1-0

Vancouver's dominance continues. They look unstoppable. They we're so dominant in their match against the Spark that their main tank Bumper even took a run as Pharah. (It didn't go well for him) Vancouver continues to break records and demolish their opponents. Don't expect them to slow down anytime soon.

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