Overwatch League Power Rankings - Stage 2 Week 3

20. Florida Mayhem

Last Week: 19(-1) Record: 1-10 Stage: 0-4

Florida is a dumpster fire. They are going through a lot of changes and hopefully it will be good for them for the future. As for now it is going to be ugly.

19. Washington Justice

Last Week: 18(-1) Record: 1-10 Stage: 0-4

Washington's problem early in the year was that they were not as talented as their opponents. So they went and picked up Ark from the NYXL. He has brought some more stability to the Justice but wins are still hard to come by. They will approve as the season moves forward but wins will still be hard to come by.

18. Guangzhou Charge

Last Week: 17(-1) Record: 3-8 Stage: 0-4

Stage 2 has not been kind to the Charge. They have lost all 4 of their games so far without winning a single map. They have now lost 6 straight. Granted it has been a tough road 5 of their last 6 matches came against the Shock, the Gladiators and the Titans. Even so; the majority of the matches they have struggled to even put up a fight. It has been ugly. Their schedule finally lightens up this week with Atlanta and Hangzhou on deck.

17. Los Angeles Valiant

Last Week: 20(+3) Record: 1-9 Stage: 1-2

The Valiant finally get a win in 2019. They then followed it up with a very close match against their rival the Gladiators. It may have taken them 9 games to get their 1st win but plenty of times this year they have been verge of victory. It will be interesting to see how they perform moving forward now that they've got the monkey off their back.

16. Houston Outlaws

Last Week: 16(-) Record: 3-5 Stage: 0-1

Houston drew a tough match with the Titans to open their stage 2. They actually gave the Titans a pretty good run taking the 1st map from them. They ended up dropping the next 3. They were just outmatched against Vancouver; and they aren't the only ones in this meta.

15. Atlanta Reign

Last Week: 12 (-3) Record: 5-6 Stage:1-3

Atlanta gets their 1st win in the post Dafran era. It was not an impressive win seeing as it was against the Washington Justice but hopefully it will give them some new confidence moving forward. It was definitely a needed win seeing as on Friday ATL fell to a win-less Valiant team.

14. Paris Eternal

Last Week: 13(-1) Record: 5-6 Stage: 2-2

Another up and down week for Paris. They are still finding their footing in the stage 2 meta. They get week 3 off to prepare for their trip to Dallas. That break to rest and refocus may be exactly what they need to make a late push for stage 2 playoffs.

13. Chengdu Hunters

Last Week: 11(-2) Record: 5-5 Stage: 2-1

After their exciting and impressive week 1 performances, everyone was excited to see what the Hunters were going to do in week 2. The Shanghai Dragons weren't exactly on board. The Hunters took a step back in week 2 but expect them to take another step forward as they learn how to take advantage of the new meta.

12. Shanghai Dragons

Last Week: 14(+2) Record: 4-6 Stage: 1-2

Shanghai has certainly not had a good year so far, but at times they've shown flashes of brilliance.The win of Chengdu was a big one for them. If they can get more consistent play week in and week out they could make a push for the season playoffs.

11. Hangzhou Spark

Last Week: 15(+4) Record: 4-5 Stage: 1-1

The Spark had a tough draw week 1 against the Titans. Week 2 wasn't much easier but they pulled off a big upset and with it let the league know that they are still a team that deserves everyone's respect.

10. Toronto Defiant

Last Week: 6(-4) Record: 6-5 Stage: 1-3

Toronto had a relatively easy stage 1 schedule. Their stage 2 schedule has been a much greater challenge. Unfortunately they have not been up to the challenge. It seems they are who we thought they were, a middle of the road team who benefited from a favorable schedule.

9. Seoul Dynasty

Last Week: 8(-1) Record: 4-5 Stage: 0-2

Seoul has had a tough draw so far. They have played good Overwatch so far as well but playing well doesn't show up in the standings. They are without question the best team with a loosing record. They are going to have to start getting wins if they want to make a 2nd stage playoffs though.

8. Dallas Fuel

Last Week: 10(-) Record: 6-3 Stage: 2-0

Dallas had week 1 off which gave them extra time to prepare for their opening matches in week 2. Because of that I don't want to overreact to their impressive start to stage 2 the way I did with the Chengdu hunters. I will say that even in stage 1 Dallas proved to be a formidable team, finishing 1 spot out of the stage 1 playoffs with a 4-3 record. Still at times they have looked shaky and i'm not ready to position them as a top tier team just yet. The stage 2 playoffs have to be in their sights now. If they make it in this time around they will get that chance to prove they are top tier.

7. Boston Uprising

Last Week: 4(-3) Record: 6-4 Stage: 2-1

Boston went to the 5th map again against the Spark. This time they didn't come through in the clutch. Boston's biggest problem seems to be that they play to their opponent. They can go toe to toe with the best but unfortunately they let teams they should beat handily go toe to toe with them. They need to start winning the easier games with ease to prove they are top tier.

6. Philadelphia Fusion

Last Week: 5 Record: 7-4 Stage: 2-2

2-2 is not how Philly wanted to start stage 2, but both of their loses were to quality teams. They are still a top tier team and a good bet to make the stage 2 playoffs. With a 7-4 overall record they are still sitting in a good spot almost halfway through the season.

5. London Spitfire

Last Week: 9(+4) Record: 6-4 Stage: 3-0

3-0 to start stage 2. Is London back. Week 1's wins didn't mean much but a big win over the Fusion in week 2 tells us London means business. If the champs start to get hot even the big 3 teams at the top might want to take notice.

4. Los Angeles Gladiators

Last Week: 7(+3) Record: 7-4 Stage: 4-0

4-0 to start stage 2 and now 6 in a row. The Gladiators are for real, and outside the 3 elite teams at the top they are the best team in the league right now. The question is are they good enough to reach the elite status with the Titans, Shock and NYXL?

3. San Francisco Shock

Last Week: 3(-) Record: 7-3 Stage: 3-0

They may not have the perfect record but the Shock are without question an elite team on par with NYXL and Vancouver. San Fran is a good bet to go undefeated through stage 2. If Vancouver or New York manage to slip up San Fran could grab the number 1 spot.

2. New York Excelsior

Last Week: 2(-) Record: 11-0 Stage: 4-0

Through 11 games New York remains perfect. Through stage 2's 1st 4 games they have not even lost a map. While NYXL and the Titans don't face off until the final week of the regular season; there is a very good chance in the stage 2 playoffs they will finally meet.

1. Vancouver Titans

Last Week: 1(-) Record: 10-0 Stage: 3-0

Still undefeated. The Titans look unstoppable. The only teams that stand a chance are the other elite squads; New York and San Francisco. All 3 are likely to go undefeated through stage 2. The stage 2 playoffs may be very exciting if that happens.

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