Review - God of War 2018

It has been five years since God of War Ascension and eight years since God of War 3. Has the wait been worth it?

God of War or God of War 2018 was released on the PS4 on April 20th. Just mere days latter the gaming industry flooded the title with praise and worship. From Microsoft's Phil Spencer to every single media outlet, everyone loved this title. Which I can't argue with. Here is the best overview I can do without going into spoilers.

Playing the previous titles and knowing the hatred in Kratos' heart, I was taken back that Santa Monica Studio decided to have Kratos become a father. Let alone have his child Atreus tag along. Just thinking of that dynamic of what Kratos used to be was very complexing for this situation. But boy did Cory Barlog do a fantastic job with the two characters.

This game is not just about the hack and slash of days old God of War titles. We actually see character development and the bond of a father and son. The story is one that really pulls you in and drives you to finish. Without going into spoiler territory there honestly is not a dull moment and it makes the hours you sink in feel like nothing.

The design for the title is great. From early trailers the thought was the game would only happen in this snowy grey world but, moving through you experience other areas that contradict that belief and add a great color pallet to the title. Plus having a PS4 Pro supporting 4K HDR those colors just pop out even more.

The score. Literally every time the Overture by Bear McCreary hit I become more connected. Like this song does a really good job of capturing you in the moment and makes you feel the epicness of the title. Plus I fell in love with this song at E3 2016 with the live Orchestra for Sony's conference. Moving pass the rest of the soundtrack was really well done. It really hit home what God of War was throughout the story without taking the player out from the immersion. Well done Bear McCreary.

The combat. Through my 30+ hours of gameplay I never got bored of beating down the enemies that were put infront of my axe. The combos and skills you unlock throughout the title make these engagements fun. Plus the game has a good way of making your encounters scale and have a rush of being challenging from time to time. Honestly this is how the game didn't feel like a drag to go through. The system made it enjoyable and worthwhile to push forward.

Basically put if you don't have a PS4 and have been waiting for an excuse to get one then let God of War be your reason. Ignoring all the other great titles that are exclusive, God of War is a title that will define the PS4 timeline. Clearly the five years invested in developing this title was all worth it. Hands down God of War is a system seller and I have to give my solo play value of FINISH IT!

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