Top Games of 2018

It's finally the end of 2018, many games were released and played. But what were some of the top titles for 2018?

Now to add I had to list titles that I played and not from what others are just saying on the internet. I actually had to spend some time with the title for it to be added to the list.

8. Bayonetta 1&2

This was my first real attempt playing Bayonetta as when I first played the title back in 2009, I was not a fan at the start. But with the collection being released for the Switch, and as I was desperately waiting for titles for a Switch it just made sense. So I gave this series another shot and I really liked it this time around. I like the story and I am glad I played 1 and then 2, rather than just playing 2 first. For I would not be sure if I would of been able to sit through the first title. Not saying that #1 was bad but in comparison to #2 everything is just better.

7. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

This is not my first time playing a "Warriors" type of game but this is my first for Hyrule Warriors. This title easy ate hours away from me and allowed me to enjoy lunches at work for a long time. The system just works and having The Legend of Zelda series as a base works out well. However I wish these systems just had more like Fire Emblem Warriors, which had strengths and weaknesses for types. It just added more strategy to the title. Regardless this game has so much content and played really well in both handheld and dock modes. Additionally playing with friends on this title really is a blast.

6. Shenmue 1 & 2

The fact that Shenmue 3 is happening is mind boggling then Shenmue 1 & 2 got re-released this year for current systems. Which finally makes it way more convenient to play. These titles are a huge throwback to my childhood and the starting point of my love for Japan.

5.Let's Go Pikachu

We are back in Kanto but with the Nintendo Switch. Such a nostalgic rush with this title and playing through was just fun. Yes has the core changed on how you level your pokemon and capture pokemon, which was very odd at first. It took me a bit to get used to these changes and I starting like it a lot when I allowed myself to just have fun with the title. This just makes me more excited for future Let's Go titles and next years Pokemon Core RPG title.

4. Spider-Man

Riding the wave for my love of super heroes Insomniac's Spider-Man finally released. This title was so much fun and I easily got hooked into the main story. Plus I never had so much fun going from place to place in the world, as they made the web-slinging just that good.

3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

EVERYONE IS HERE. And that is a understatement, honestly this is the ultimate super smash bros. title. The stages look great, the cast of characters is crazy, and this was my most hyped switch title of the year. Which this title is still growing! With the fighter's pass 5 more characters, plus piranha plant, will be coming.

2. Monster Hunter World

Now I'm a huge monster hunter fan, I've put in 100s of hours throughout the series from the PS2 - PSP - 3DS - and finally PS4 this monster hunter experience has been something I wanted from the series for years. The hype really kicked in when I played it at PAX West with my friends. Plus Capcom just announced an actual expansion called Iceborne, which is just giving me more reasons to continue playing the game for another year.

Before talking about my #1 title there are 2 games I wished I had the time to play. The first game is Celeste, it looks fun and good game to take on in chunks. The music from the title really sticks out and has a good theme. The other is Red Dead Redemption 2, this game has been praised by everyone but with school, work, and cons at the end of the year they caused me to cut this game from this years game rotation.

1. God of War

What got me hooked into God of War was back in 2016 when I heard the opening during E3. Then having a real narrative experience with Kratos and Atreus, I was not expecting the level of connection I had with this title. Compared to the previous titles this title made a dramatic change for the series. This was well worth the wait and is easily my game of the year.

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